Healthy to 120

Here's what I did at age 40 that will blow your mind

So my name is Matt Cook and at 40, I thought like the wheels on the bus of them coming off.

I felt overwhelmed having to get up several times a night to urinate...having to take multiple medications...

I was trying to lose fat but I was packing on the belly fat.

Then I decided to find out how to change everything.

I did a lot of research.

I found one thing about everything else that determines the health of a man not only at age 40 but age of 80 or 100.

That one thing is maintaining high testosterone levels, naturally.

Men who maintain high testosterone levels seem to be healthier and happier than men with low testosterone.

So that's what led me to write a book about how I intend to live for decades longer and be happy and healthy by maintaining decent testosterone levels.

Today I am giving away the book totally free, just for helping me with a few bucks for shipping if you don't mind.

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About Matt Cook

Matt Cook has almost 400,000 daily reader of his acclaimed newsletter Daily Medical Discoveries. This is all about his personal journey to be happy and healthy and help others live an awesome life to the theoretical limit of 120 years old.

About Healthy to 120

Healthy to 120 is Matt's book showing what he learned in his many years of helping himself and other men live long, prosperous and happy lives.