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I have been working for years on a way to have testosterone reach 1000 that is safe, easy and effective.

I almost drove myself nuts, working years to figure it out.

One day it all fell into place. A wonderful simple approach that I could use to make my testosterone 1000 or higher.

It was so simple. Why hadn’t other people thought of it?

I am now experiencing the pleasure of having testosterone that young men are JEALOUS of. My testosterone levels are the envy of my friends.

And so I put my entire journey onto paper, and am publishing it now and offering it free (just help me out with S&H)

I found These 6 Benefits of Optimal Testosterone

#1 I began finally losing my belly fat

#2 I once again had a great romantic and physical relationship with my wife

#3 I didn’t have to urinate during the night and my doctor said I had a healthier prostate

#4 Instead of dying young, I hope to live decades longer…I would love to live to 120 years old!

#5 I have bigger muscles and stronger bones now

#6 I feel much more confident today

Testosterone Discoveries That I Made In My Personal Journey

  • Page 243 - I found certain commonly accepted “safe” fats that dramatically lower my testosterone levels. I stopped eating these fats, and started feeling a surge of libido as my health improved with higher testosterone readings and thicker harder muscles.
  • Page 162 - Cholesterol is what testosterone is made from, and friends seemed to suffer very severe side effects from cholesterol I decided that I wanted to find a natural solution to high cholesterol. Mission accomplished -- I now have tried this simple supplement and I have normal cholesterol readings WITHOUT dangerous statins… I could go see my doctor with the new lab results, grinning ear to ear, and my doctor tells me, “You don’t need statins.” That’s what happened to my friends and family who tried this supplement.
  • Page 207 - I hated performance problems with my wife...and I felt for a long time that my marriage of 33 years needed some “oomph.” And I found it. I am confident my wife and I will be having fun until we’re 100 or older now that I have a high testosterone level.
  • Page 155 - Certain medications I was taking were hurting my virility…I found easy natural substitutes that my doctor approves of…that don’t cause me male problems anymore.
  • Page 38 - I found out that strenuous workouts and exercise are actually harmful to my testosterone...exercise that is too strenuous increased my cortisol and lowered my I’m mindful of doing pleasurable, relaxing exercise that help my body heal and maintain my youthful testosterone levels...
  • Page 316 - The wrong type of exercise increases cortisol, adrenaline, histamine and serotonin…even estrogen skyrockets… Instead, try THIS…much more fun, pleasurable and it can add decades of healthy lifespan you look forward to.

Along the way I made other health discoveries in my life…

  • In my research, I found that many surgeries, including 97% of prostate cancer surgeries, are unproven… and then I discovered a better way to shrink my prostate and reduce the chances of cancer by over 95%. Even if a man has been diagnosed, this simple tweak may make it much easier to live the rest of his life without going down the medical rathole (page 101).
  • I found that today’s blood pressure treatments are even worse than the “disease” itself… The pills cause bedroom problems for family members. Through two years of research, I finally found this two minute “tweak” that has helped me and my male cousins and children get normal blood pressure naturally (page 139).
  • After my sister was put on blood thinners and developed calcification of the arteries, I wanted a natural option that wasn’t dangerous. Fortunately, I found my sister this simple nutritional tweak that her doctor approves of, that let her get off the Warfarin...and this nutritional tweak thins her blood safely...WITHOUT causing calcium deposits and hardening of the arteries (page 180).
  • I now use certain supplements I have right now in my bathroom or kitchen, that I believe help my body fight off the bad cells that are constantly being produced in an aging body like mine...I can’t prove these supplements will work, and I don’t recommend anyone else try it, but I think for me it is a great choice and I’ll tell you what I’m doing on my journey to avoid the Big C (page 96).
  • I find that certain commonly accepted fats dramatically lower my testosterone level. Ever since I stopped eating those fats, my testosterone level started to recover nicely...I began feeling a surge of libido as my health improved with higher testosterone readings and thicker harder muscles (page 243).
  • I studied men who live over 100 and found that they often eat certain foods such as chocolate, and often drink coffee…I have now done much more detailed research including interviews and discovered some startling facts that I am using NOW to hopefully live decades longer…(page 33)
  • Why losing weight was the WORST thing for me to do at one point, and while I liked the thinner me, I was losing weight too fast.
  • My doctor tested my thyroid function and found that it had dropped. My metabolism had slowed down due to too-rapid weight loss.
  • So I changed my diet plan, started eating more of certain foods and my weight loss continued but this time more slowly...and my thyroid function bounced back up so I now lose fat without effort even if I’m sitting around -- my metabolism is as high as it was when I was a young man (page 250).
  • The biggest dietary tweak was avoiding a testosterone killer that lurks in almost all “healthy” foods...and no it’s NOT sugar and it’s NOT bread that I realized I must avoid. In fact, I plan to live a lot longer enjoying desserts and bread as long as I avoid this one dietary testosterone killer…(page 48)
  • I am now using this simple blue dye that helps me work out more intensely and enjoy a slower breathing pattern that energizes me and helps me sleep better... (page 91)
  • I tested at 115 fasting glucose, which is high... so I made a few simple changes including sipping on this drink every day… and now my fasting blood sugar is 85 (page 276)
  • How I got rid of performance problems -- I’m lucky. My urologist warned me that these types of bedroom problems often predict the onslaught of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, and more. That all changed over a few months for the better. Now my wife Jodi and I are enjoying a great physical relationship without any more male problems that had plagued me for 30 years (page 207).
  • How I started increasing my metabolic rate… I read about how mitochondrial uncoupling lets us burn fat in the form of CO2 and heat...Right now my temperature is 98.6 and before it was in the 96s during the day...this lets me eat more of the foods I love, and burn off excess body fat as heat and carbon dioxide… (page 292)

I put my personal journey into additional reports and even a book “Healthy to 120” that shows what I’m now doing to have a healthy life until hopefully I live to age 120!

And I also made these discoveries that I’m giving you...each comes in a special report that you get for free, together valued at $79:

5-Minute Arthritis Remedy The safe home remedy is over 100 years old but only recently rediscovered. And most folks have the ingredients in their medicine cabinet and kitchen. Like many of the old home remedies, scientists may not be sure why it works, but I found that it does work to ease the pain of aching joints for my family members who suffer from arthritis pain.

10-cent Drops That Help Support Eye Health My wife Jodi uses these drops in her eyes because they are shown in some studies to help prevent slow down the development of cataracts. They seem to make her eyes feel better and her eye doctor is very pleased with her results so far.

Relieving Back Pain For Life How everyone in my family uses this system to erase back pain and joint pain... it is based upon what I experienced when I studied with a world renowned pain doctor named Dr. Fehme...with Dr. Fehmi’s method, the brain stops feeling pain…and it works for us fantastically for any pain from back pain, headaches, or whatever.

Homemade Icy Hot® for Pennies It’s easy and takes just a couple of minutes to make the best cleanest rub to remove pain anywhere

How We Cheat Our Dentist Out of $10,000 (No More Dental Work Needed) Oh, I get my teeth cleaned every 6 months. But now, I don’t need any extra dental work. Just the cleanings. And what I learned, I put into this report that shows you how my whole family prevents tooth decay and even reverses bone loss with one simple practice. Gums heal, and our tooth enamel comes back. We have managed to have perfect dental checkups and have not needed any crowns, bridges or fillings.

(New!) 22 Special Reports Outlining more of my discoveries from a range of topics, from thyroid to iron.

(New!) 14 "Secret Reports" that are not family-friendly and that are designed specifically to help men out with their wives or girlfriends.

(New!) 13 Amazing Reports on useful cures, recipes and remedies that you and your family will LOVE.

Here’s What Men Are Saying About the Power of Testosterone

Matt, your informative advice is greatly appreciated.

Your writings identify specific deficiencies–and potential conflicts between physical sources–which most men know nothing about.

Amazing that we are not told of these basics when we are young guys!

--Rob Wold

So my advice to you Matt is this: big pharma might be after your scalp but if this nirvana sex lifestyle of yours really catches on and has the same effects that it has on me well the divorce industry might just have a bounty on your scalp as well!


Hi Matt, you rock!

Thank you for all your scientific research studies, biohacks, and hidden gems.

Keep up the good work.


First of all, can I just say this: Your products are stunning.

Just stunning.

Insightful, clear, deep, and very indicative of the HEART that you put into them.

Congratulations and thank you.



Matt, I want to thank you for putting together the most awesome, life-transforming information I have ever discovered.

After taking several of your courses I have enough information to last me for the rest of my life.

The journey you have sent me on is never ending and as I continue to work your program my life will continue to transform as I progress.

Thanks again, Matt, and I look forward to taking further courses from you.

Jim S.

Matt Cook is a genius! Let me warn you, this info is not conventional. Everything Matt talks about is backed up by proof and facts but it's surprising how little people know about this stuff. If you're serious about improving every aspect of your life and living life to the fullest (not just chugging along), I recommend you read this book now.

-- George R.

It was a good, quick read, and laid out the facts in a well thought out way.

Gave it to my wife to read also.

My recommendation is actually to take a bit of time, go through the table of contents and dive in. Worth it!

Thank you Matt!

--Dale H

Thanks for all the diligent research you have done. God is being very merciful in giviing so many of us battling health issues to have someone so dedicated to helping others to regain good health apart form drugs. May God Bless You Richly for making such a sacrificial effort to help others.


he best thing that has happened to me this year is you inspiring my SEX life to be most honest I very grateful, Matt God bless you and your family.

Your Student

Hi Matt, I already have the book from you.

I have been enjoying it. I got it from you a few months ago when you found some in a store room.

I appreciated just paying for shipping then to get it. It's a great book.

I do thank you for thinking of me.

All the best Matt to you and your crew.

Your Friend,

Matt I received your book Healthy to 120 and it is priceless. every man and women should have a copy, what a wonderful world this could be Thank you


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