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Nothing to feel bad about — guys love getting oral. The secret is that girls LOVE giving a guy oral, but only if the guy knows what he’s about.

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  • How to turn a woman who just kisses your member into a woman who loves swallowing your cock — the words to use and the specific way to move her from her present state to the one you want (so she’ll love it)
  • This one secret makes women want you almost instantly in an oral way
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Mojo Tonight Porn Recovery

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The complete system that lets you recover from the ravages of porn-induced erectile dysfunction. Includes videos for you, or you and she, to watch.

Pornography can be a serious cause of erectile dysfunction, and also female sexual problems. This course works for single men AND guys in a relationship.

  • This program creates a life free from porn, and fixes ED that is often caused by porn use.
  • Use this if you use porn as often as every day, or as seldom as once per month.
  • This also helps your wife or girlfriend FEEL more with less vigorous, less rough sex, which then increases YOUR sensitivity.
  • The four step “mojo tonight” formula surprisingly causes MUCH more feeling and sensation in your penis than you’ve experienced in a long time, maybe ever
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  • Do you keep relapsing and watching porn, even though you’re trying to quit? No problem
  • I’ll show you how to use the power of relapsing in order to increase the intensity of your orgasms and increase the feelings that you both have for each other

Plus, you get the “I Can Do Anything” Mind Takeover System

“I Can Do Anything” Mind Takeover System

30 video modules, $497 value

In this course you will discover how to do anything you want, without rules that others live by…so you can be yourself and at last be free from past hurts and past traumas…

How in as little as 15 minutes you can reap the benefits of
re-programming your internal thought processes…

And no, it’s not a trick, it’s not just repeating something to yourself…

It’s not some meditation technique or some repetitive training process…

Here’s how it works…

  • First, you’ll clear away all of the garbage that has been already programmed into your unconscious mind.
  • Second, you’ll be fully aware of everything that has been holding you back (usually just one or two big problems)
  • Thirdly, you’ll watch as all your inhibitions are melted away and after a few amazing techniques, you can change the “I Can’t”s and the “She Won’t”s into “I Can”s and “She Will”s
  • How implicit memories are creating constant difficulty and worry…getting rid of implicit memories is just minutes away for a clear, new life
  • How to use “rubber banding” that 2.5 million men have found has created a new no-excuses life for themselves
  • The way you create the erection-inducing oxytocin that bonds you and creates romantic and sexual heaven on earth
  • How to have anything you want with Dynamic Tension Planning. Totally end the frustration of yo-yo dieting, of trying a new habit and falling back to old patterns. Dynamic Tension Planning moves you into the new direction and reaches your goal without falling back
  • How to be sexually assertive so women want you and will do anything for you…

It literally takes just a few minutes to free yourself from society’s rules and become a new man…

And you’ll get this Fear and Anxiety Eraser that lets you create literally ANY belief and watch it unfold in front of your eyes and COME TRUE…

Fear and Anxiety Eraser System

9 modules, $197 value

In this course you will discover…

  • How to Turn Your Inner Desires into Powerful Weapons!
    • You will have the ultimate power to melt away any fear or roadblock you have or will ever have during your life. It’s as if you were using the sun’s rays to melt wax…
  • How you can hold the manifest your own desires and destiny…
    • It would be as if you had a magic wand that you could just shake once and your fears instantly turn into courage.
  • How you can tap into the inner workings of everyone around you!
    • Imagine what your life would be life as your world literally changes in front of your eyes. Women begging to just be a part of your life, men green with envy as they attempt to compete and how the world would be like as you rise up above the masses as the new Alpha-Male.

Oxygen Remedy Total Health Makeover System

11 life-changing video modules, $197 value

I didn’t have room for Oxygen Remedy in my book, but I want you to have the full course with instant access…because lack of oxygen is the #1 health problem that affects every cell and every organ in the body…

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  • How to increase oxygen levels instantly…with the Control Pause you can increase oxygen immediately and see how much better your health becomes in just seconds…
  • How to use the Oxygen Remedy to feel better and calmer…because you’ll say goodbye to worry and anxiety that has a chemical cause…
  • You don’t need as much sleep and you are waking up instantly, ready to leap out of bed and take on the day with joy…because no more grogginess, no more sleepiness…and you need much less sleep than you used to, yet the sleep you get is a hundred times more vitalizing
  • How the Oxygen Remedy has fixed asthma, acid reflux, even glaucoma…diabetes gets better, everything improves or resolves itself because of the fundamental fact that your tissues are now bathing in enough oxygen!

Everything you need to know to enjoy this entirely new level of health and confidence that can double or even triple the amount of oxygen in your body – which translates to more energy to get things done and enjoy life without stress, and saying goodbye to chronic health issues.


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Giving Her the Greatest Oral Sex Ever

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If you want her to value you as a lover, then you want to give her the best oral sex EVER. This will make every woman come and come again…and come back to you for more.

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Sex Drive Amplifier

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Here is a small list of what you can expect in this course…

  • A strong sex drive gets a man further than anything else in life
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  • Here’s a virtually unknown supplement drive-enhancing supplement that 98.3% of men are deficient in… Maybe the key to living 20 or 30 years longer…and is the key to a higher drive
  • The “perform once, perform again” trick — reveals what’s underneath low sex drives, and whether it’s chemical or attraction-related

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