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What I did for mom (I wish I had known this before dad died)

When dad died, I wish that I could have done for him what I did for mom.

Dad was older. I didn't know a lot of things I'm going to tell you now.

They worked for mom and they may work for your parents.

My name is Matt Cook and I'm a health researcher focusing on how men can live a long happy life.

Here's how I started. My dad was a physician himself and was very healthy until he was in his late 80s.

Dad even worked at 88.

At that point, his doctor diagnosed him and he started on a bunch of medications and from then on it was a very steady decline.

Eventually, we couldn't take care of dad anymore and he had to go into hospice care.

With mom it was different.

Because now with mom, I had been studying aging for many years and was able to do a lot of things for mom that I didn't even know about before dad died.

Since I was able to take such good care of mom, I was able to make her life a lot more comfortable for many many years.

One thing I did was able to keep her in her apartment instead of into a nursing home.

Also, she never got diabetes. Something that affected most of her friends.

And she was very happy until the end.

So what I did is I have put together something that might help you if you want to live a long time and want to stay at home and avoid a nursing home.

Especially if you want to do what I'm doing and if you want to live to 120 and wake up in your own bed with your wife, and not in some nursing home alone somewhere.

My mission is to help you live healthy and happy for as long as you want, as I hope to do myself.

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Matt Cook has almost 400,000 daily reader of his acclaimed newsletter Daily Medical Discoveries. This is all about his personal journey to be happy and healthy and help others live an awesome life to the theoretical limit of 120 years old.

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