Healthy to 120

My name is Matt Cook and I plan a new career at age 100.

Perhaps writing novels.

Or producing movies.

So you may be asking, how can I plan a new career at age 100, when I’m not even 60 years old yet?

Here is what I am doing.

Step 1 - I am planning to live longer.

I have made i it my intention to live to age 120.

Why 120?

Because there are people who have lived that long.

Why not me?

I think planning on a long life gives me a better outlook. I am more careful with my body. I embark on more long-term projects. I think more about the future.


Step 2 - I am planning to live in my own home and wake up in my own bed

There are men who are 100 or older, living on their own. That’s where I want to be. At home, waking up next to my lovely wife (married 33 years so far).

It’s quite possible -- and here’s why.

Medical care can extend life -- and traditions such as Chinese medicine and naturopathy can make life better.

I intend to COMBINE the best of all medical and alternative practices to live long AND healthy.

Step 3 - I am noticing the power of testosterone

I notice I feel much better now that my testosterone levels are high.

I’m not taking anything medically to have high testosterone -- my doctor says I don’t need to.

I am doing some natural practices that my doctor approves of -- to keep my T to around 900 at age 60.

I wrote a book about the power testosterone for men. I'm giving away copies of the book today for just helping me out with shipping and handling

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About Matt Cook

Matt Cook has almost 400,000 daily reader of his acclaimed newsletter Daily Medical Discoveries. This is all about his personal journey to be happy and healthy and help others live an awesome life to the theoretical limit of 120 years old.

About Healthy to 120

Healthy to 120 is Matt's book showing what he learned in his many years of helping himself and other men live long, prosperous and happy lives.